Friday, December 10, 2010

He Simply Doesn't Have A Clue...

Today, Charles Richard Treuter and his Mormon moonbat "wife" (a bedpan changer to imprisoned felons in Maryland), who seemingly prefer to be known as the DocChucks on the internet, sent the following email out to a whole list of individuals whom they have harassed, stalked, and threatened for years:

Why can't you blue-collar, lower-income, less educated (as in NO formal education), financially unsophisticated dolts understand? 
Date: December 10, 2010

TheDocChucks to their detractors: 
My wife, Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter and I wish you people could understand that the pain of my mother explicitly excluding me from her will -- so totally rejecting and abandoning me -- is excruciating. And she now has no way of knowing how ashamed I feel about her disinheriting me. My two brothers seem to think this outcome is just fine (they inherited everything from our parents combined estates) and it has driven a wedge between them and me. Well, all that and I suppose my threatening them that they had better write me a big check for what should have been my share (they weren’t impressed or intimidated by my threats even though I swore that I’d have the best Washington D.C. trained Jewish “hound” lawyers sue them. And yes, I also threatened that I’d personally kill both them or have them killed. I even told them that criminal charges would be filed against them).  It's not just the money (although the estate was worth far more than I would have ever imagined); it's my own mother making it so clear and emphatic that she did not love me. I cannot truly describe the shame I felt in learning that she had written, "I leave nothing to Charles Richard Treuter or his wife or his children…"
C & E Treuter

Perhaps someone from Charles' Class of 1960 Reagan High School grads can offer Charles and his "wife" some sort of comfort/solace or, better still, slap them up against their fat heads so as to knock some sense into them?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Charles Richard Treuter Calls This Type Of "Existence" LIVING LARGE?

Columbia, Maryland Apartments In Which Charles Richard Treuter Resides

Herewith we have a photograph of the cramped and stacked high substandard apartment units Charlie "no balls" Treuter and his "wife" (the beached-whale-looking Mormon moonbat, bedpan changer to convicted and imprisoned felons in Maryland) call home.  Dump of a residence would be a fair description of the apartments according to the more than 100 complaints I have uncovered from residents and former residents whom, without exception, failed to recognize the apartments in the light in which Charles has cast them (first he referred to them as a gated retirement village of luxury condominiums and stated that he and the whale-looking one had purchased the one in which they reside. However, after being completely humiliated when that lie was debunked he changed his tune so as to describe the units as luxury apartments, the finest Columbia, Maryland has to offer to the city's elites...yeah, right). 

Those residents to whom I have referred who took the time to write complaints about the apartments complained of lousy management, poor follow up on badly needed repairs, piss-poor maintenance and service from the so-called maintenance people, lack of insulation which allow one to hear even the footsteps and whispers of their neighbors who reside above them, noisy neighbors, plumbing leaks, rats and mice and cockroaches in every unit, dirty and worn-out carpeting which management (located in a different state) refuses to replace, being screwed on attempting to collect deposits when moving out of the units, traffic, lousy parking, poor maintenance of parking lots, piss-poor snow removal, and many other various complaints.

It certainly seems pathetic that a 68 year old alumnus who has pretended for years to be well credentialed, independently wealthy, and highly successful would find himself residing in such surroundings; i.e., stuck in a cramped, government-subsidized apartment which he depends upon his wife's income to meet the monthly rental amount and which his own name does not appear on the unit's rental agreement due to his being a convicted felon and the fact that Federal regulatory controls prevent convicted felons from renting at the Soviet-styled apartments which look much like those of the former USSR's government built ghettos.

Although Charles has foolishly and nonsensically boasted about his imagined years since graduating from Reagan High School it's pitiful that his false boasts are contrasted by his brothers who own and reside in fully paid-for homes in choice locations of N.E. Texas.  Further, his two brothers were heirs to the combined Richard O. and Nellie V. Treuter estate (which was quite sizable and very impressive) from which Charles Richard Treuter, his parents' first born, was completely barred when he was de facto DISINHERITED as well as disowned and disavowed.  Although Charles, since being completely disinherited, has now, for well over a year,  pissed and moaned over the fact he was barred from receiving so much as a single penny from his parents' estate  causing his laments to include his threatening all sorts of retaliatory actions it has slowly begun to dawn on him that he can really do nothing more than become resigned to the reality that he can't do a damned thing about any of his misfortune...WHAT A DOLT!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A LOSER? Well, yes he is - UPDATED, November 22, 2010...

What if Charles Richard Treuter, a 1960 graduate of Houston's Reagan High were pictured as a baseball batter, what would rightly be said of him?

He would be known as the King of being struck out because he never once got off a hit.  Think for a moment about the truth of that.  Shortly after graduation he committed a rape of another of Reagan's Class of 1960 classmates  and his parents had to write a check to the victim to keep her from reporting Charles to law enforcement officials.

Next he attended a non-accredited institute (Schreiner's of Kerville, Texas) wherein he obtained a worthless associates degree and procured a case of syphilis when he and two of his buddies crossed over into Mexico and visited "Boys Town."  Unfortunately for Charles Richard Treuter he never sought and got treatment for the disease.  The results have been devastating over the fifty years since.

His case of syphilis hid for years while he was rejected hands down by Rice University and The University of Houston; failed at and was fired from EVERY job he ever had which included Walgreens, American Automobile Association, Britannica Books, S.S. Kresge/K-Mart, an east-coast drug store chain, Marshall's Department Stores, and finally an Arkansas prison.  He's never had a job since.  The disease surged through his racked and ruined body through two failed marriages, his being disowned by his two spawnings, his mother making a video tape wherein she disavowed any relationship with him, disowned him as a racist and sociopathic psycho of whom she said is a pathological liar and DISINHERITED him from what turned out to be a very sizable and impressive estate which she left entirely to her other two sons and their children.

After Charles' syphilis came out of hiding he started acting funny, was convicted of numerous crimes, including voter fraud, began imagining he was some sort of an academic (all of his claimed credentials have been repeatedly debunked) who possessed great wealth (fact is that he and his third "wife" - a Mormon wingbat - don't own a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of), became a despised Internet Troll known as DocChuck/DocWarbucks/Dr. E and 50 or so more handles.

Today, the repeatedly struck out Charles Richard Treuter has nothing to point to in his waning years as syphilis speeds along to bring an end to his miserable existence except his hate blog:  to which he posts phony "comments", presumably in order to either entertain himself or provide irrefutable proof of how truly psychotic he is and how dangerously deadly a case of untreated syphilis can be.

Yes, Charles Richard Treuter is the KING of being struck out and pathetically he has now been reduced to nothing more than a (click on pic if you don't immediately recognize the insect):

         A picture is worth a thousand words!!!

     Summation Of Charles' Life Since RHS:

The correct spelling of Charles Richard and/or Elizabeth Ann Treuter is: F A I L E D.   Do you possibly wonder why?  Well, here goes:

>Attempted for five plus years to make ludicrous claims about their academic backgrounds, jobs, possessions and doings so as to impress those who did not know their real identities (they worked damned hard to make certain they would never be discovered).  Result:  They F A I L E D !

>Attempted to enlist the friendship of Natalie Sztern, a Jewish Food Blog owner, and in doing so it backfired resulting in an open letter to Charles which started his being exposed for who he and his beached-whale looking bedpan changer Mormon "wife" are and what they are. Result: They F A I L E D !

>In September, 2009 began barrage of threatening emails to Kenneth W. Treuter and Douglas V. Treuter in an attempt to intimidate them, scare them, and extort money from them.  Kenneth and Douglas responded with a Bring It On!!! campaign and began exposing Charles and the beached-whale, lard-ass, insignificant and ugly Mormon Elizabeth to the world with emails and Blog Sites, resulting in others creating Blogs discrediting the two frauds and their years of Internet trolling.   Result: They F A I L E D !

>Charles and the other DOLT, Elizabeth, created hate blogs hoping to save face for themselves and have people read their bullshit.  That totally failed and is still failing so they posted "comment" to their blogs and pretended that the "comments" came from others, resulting in multitudes of Internet user laughing at the two frauds and communicating with others about what DOLTS the two failed frauds are...good time had by all.  Result:  They F A I L E D !

>The two DOLTS finally became resigned to the fact that they never would see a penny from the impressive and sizable Treuter estate from which they were both barred and from which Charles, in particular, was DISINHERITED, after publicly being disowned and disavowed by his own mother, a very gut-wrenching and bitter pill to swallow.  Yes, they continued to spew, rant, rave and threaten but it was all to no avail and the result was: They F A I L E D !

>Barred from all the food blog sites upon which they use to post they begged to be allowed to rejoin and attempted to get back on by subterfuges which all failed and that too caused them to be exposed for what they are.  Result:  They F A I L E D !

>Bitter, isolated, reduced to apartment dwelling renters with no friends, no offspring who will even acknowledge their existence, miserable, old and dying, lonely, full of pretenses but having nothing of lasting value, owning nothing anyone else would want, hurting badly for money they are two sad, loser DOLTS who provide others with a cheap means of amusement laughing at them at their expense.  Result:
 T hey F A I L E D !

>Friendless, rejected, dejected, demoralized, disowned, disavowed, DISINHERITED, devoid of an earthly fortune, dwelling in a cramped apartment amongst like-minded loser dimlibbers (dim-witted liberals, be they liberal Demonrats, so-called moderates or progressive socialistic commies, who like their so-called Kenyan-born, Constitutionally disqualified president [usurper resident] were sorely defeated by GODLY and patriotic conservatives who handed them their walking papers on November 2, 2010 and who are the true citizens of the American Constitutional Republic), insanely jealous of Kenneth, Douglas and their families, knowing no successes, despised, marginalized, dehumanized their worthless existences have resulted in the correct spelling of their "names", Charles Richard and/or Elizabeth Ann Treuter as: 
 F A I L E D   F A I L E Dand/or F A I L E D  F A I L E D 
 F A I L E D!  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charles' Insane Jealousies

Charles has suffered from being insanely jealous of me, my wife, and my family throughout his adult life.  He is also just as jealous of our younger brother, Douglas Vernon Treuter, and Doug's family.  And Charles' fellow Reagan High School graduates of the school's class of 1960 may wonder why.

The jealousy which daily eats at Charles Richard Treuter started early in his youth.  Both of his brothers were highly successful in their academic and outside interests pursuits.  They each maintained straight A report cards throughout their school years and made doing so appear to be so very easy.  Learning simply became a natural part of their natures whereas Charles had to keep his nose to the grindstone in order to achieve a decent school record.  Sadly his extracurricular activities, unlike his brothers, were seemingly all doomed to fail and it caused him to become abnormally introverted and self-pitying to the extent of it being the basis for both his psychotic behavior and his pathological lying.  For many years Charles has attempted to cover up his failed existence and his never succeeding at anything worthwhile or Godly by spewing side-splittingly laughable boasts and LIES about what he has accomplished (claiming to be a doctoral grad of University of Houston and The University of Texas - any Reaganite can easily verify that he has lied about that fraudulent claim - same holds true for his prison-nurse/bed-pan-changer wife about whom he LIES with regards to her supposedly earning an M.D. [sometimes he changes that to a Ph.D.] degree from John Hopkins University).  His outright LIES are truly amazing and he has been B U S T E D time and time again when he's used them for self-aggrandizing purposes.  WHAT A LOSER!!!

In Charles' teen years he had very, very few friends and those who might be referred to as his friends were also easily spotted as losers.  With respect to hanging with losers Charles continued that pattern throughout all the years which have since passed.

My younger brother and I were well liked and had interesting and exciting social lives outside of school and developed many friendships and have kept them throughout our lifetimes.  Also, we were both industrious and enjoyed incomes which we earned early on in life and thereby developing the discipline to succeed in adulthood where Charles would repeatedly fail and learn to lash out as others as a cover for his impotence in attempting to become successful.  Over the years that has been validated time and time again by his failed marriages, his being fired from every single job he ever had, his never reaching any financial success and then turning to blaming others (including his parents and other relatives - especially his two siblings who left in him the dust as they built successful marriages, relationships with their offspring and their offspring's offspring, strong relationships in their communities, strong friendships, strong families, and a strong and enduring faith in the Eternal and Sovereign Triune GODHEAD).  Charles, on the other hand, allowed his failures to defeat him in all of his pursuits which may have begun as worthwhile but inevitably turned to shit as he would cause them to fail because of his inadequacies and self pity.  As a sad result Charles turned to spewing his internal bitterness and hatred and racism and turned from GOD to a mixture of Paganistic Mormonism  (the religion of his THIRD wife after his second divorce) and atheism.  Ofttimes today his internet trolling includes his posting as GOD which may indeed be one of the most laughable parts of his sad existence.

Those who graduated high school with Charles Richard Treuter have most likely enjoyed successfully living and enjoying their relationships with Christ, their careers, their families, their friends, their associates, and their personal pursuits of happiness and property.  Charles hasn't enjoyed any of those joys of being human.  Instead he has merely existed and has spent his miserable existence in seeking the harm of others instead of  service to GOD, family, industry, country and others.  He has been far too much of a little man to bring much of anything to fruition except his Napoleonic complex, short-man syndrome, and pathetic personal morasses. 

Charles Richard Treuter, in his quickly waning years, has become a nasty puss-filled and festering boil on the arse of humanity because some years ago his deceased parents' estate went entirely to his two brothers and their families after Charles was publicly denounced and disavowed and disowned and disinherited by his aging mother who, unfortunately had detested Charles' hatefulness, his worthlessness, his callousness, his racism, his perversions, and his nearly unspeakable deviances from those things which define a worthwhile and contributing human being.  So, of course, Charles daily laments and bemoans his FAILED existence.  He groans within his untreated syphilis carcass and then spews his venom at as many people and groups as he can in hopes of somehow making himself feel better about himself.  But those who know of him or truly know him see through his bullshit and will be counted amongst those who will likely celebrate his dying and death.  

In the meantime, Charles will continue to rant and rave and huff and puff about his being "robbed" of what he expected to be the first-born son's blessings and share.  His brothers will simply ignore his huffing and puffing and live out their lives in the comfort and security of having built upon solid rock instead of shifting sands.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Charles, You Are Not ONLY A Fraud But Also A Very Sick Excuse For A Human Existence

Charles Richard Treuter has been treckking upon a path of failures for the past fifty years and what has he got to show for it?
Upon graduation from Reagan High School, Charles, within a short few months became a rapist.
  • Desiring to continue his education he was only able to matriculate in a tiny and insignificant institute in Kerrville, Texas which was unaccredited (no big deal but consider what Charles has imagined since then) and not really much more than an institute for wayward lads but now Charles pretends it was "one of Texas' most prestigious private universities."  No, Charles, actually it didn't become a college, much less a university, until many years after your claim that you graduated from it (Schreiner INSTITUTE) in 1962 and it's quite amusing you have claimed you belonged to a Greek fraternity while you "studied" there inasmuch as a simple reading of the history of Schreiner University reveals that Greek didn't come to the now university until around year 2000.  And Charles, your claim to have earned an associates degree there in electrical engineering is just ludicrous.  The INSTITUTE did not have the authority to award such a degree on a "student" and as a matter of fact it didn't do so.   So, again you failed.  And you failed further upon returning to Houston when you attempted to enroll at Rice University but were rejected because you didn't meet its prerequisites.
  • Claiming and insisting that you were a full-time resident student at the University of Houston and then the University of Texas from 1963 to 1975 is just another example of your LYING and your failure to even make your lies seem somewhat credible.  Between 1963 and 1975 you followed a path of many failures including failing at a job where you attempted to sell American Automobile Association memberships, an attempt at a sales job selling Britannica "Great Books", being fired from Walgreens drug store in Oak Forest on 43 Street in Houston (why were you fired?  You were caught stealing from one of its cash registers, remember?  Of course you do.)  You then worked for S.S. Kresge Co./KMart, Inc. with better success but still you failed when you were fired for criminal activities outside the store (and for which you were prosecuted) at which you worked in Evansville, Indiana.  In that same time frame you failed at two marriages.  So, Charles, the first fifteen years of your "life" after Reagan High School were marked with one failure of character, morals, and stature after another, not in advancements in academics or academia.  Your fellow Reaganites must be something which is far removed from being proud of you as a fellow member of the 1960 class of graduates.
  • Setting aside your running afoul of the laws of our nation and the states in which you resided which forced your moving several times from one state to another either to flee from prosecution or as part of a plea bargain with law enforcement's prosecutorial arm you returned to Houston once again only to once again chalk up additional failures; e.g., arrested for keying someone's car, arrested for shoplifting at a Houston hardware store, arrested inside a topless bar at Ella and 34th for public lewdness while soliciting an undercover cop for sex and cocaine, physically assaulting your own aged mother (sending her to what use to be Heights Hospital and which became part of the Baylor Hospital network) after defrauding her out of nearly a quarter of a million dollars wherein you, like a common con man and thief, stole from your own mother.  You also fled both the city of Houston and the State of Texas with charges filed against you, bond jumper
  • Afterwards, your now deceased mother publicly disowned you and then took the necessary legal steps to disinherit you from what became a quite sizable and handsome estate which she left to her other two sons and the wife and children of one of those sons, me.  Again, you continued your failings as a mere but still false facsimilie of human existence.  Yes, your mother spoke at length about your being a pitiful POS rapist, a common thief, a thug, an adulterer, and a petty criminal.
  • Not having seen your mother or caring for her in any way, shape or manner for fourteen years you didn't even acknowledge her passing for almost four years after she had been buried and then you only did so thinking you could intimidate your brothers into giving you a share of the inheritance they received and from which you, the eldest son, were wholly and totally excluded.  And that fact has led to another FAILED about which I am now writing on September 11, 2010.  While true Americans (of all races and creeds and genders; however, as a dim-witted, anti-America liberal draft dodger  that you were in the 1960s you of course have never paid attention to defending and supporting America (wonder what your fellow classmates think about the fact that you have claimed to have served in the United States Army and rose to the rank of Captain when in fact you never served for a nanosecond and evaded the draft and burned your draft card, moron)and as an apostate from Christ's faith you wouldn't think to even pray for the Republic, much less serve it) were remembering the horrific 9-11 attack of 2001 you came out of hiding in order to make the first contact with your brothers since 1996 and sent the following email to them, dated: September 11, 2009 - 

Charles Treuter to you - Sep 11 2009
  Charles Treuter <> 
  To: onpointlegalsupport@mail.usa.comDate:

Fri, Sep 11, 2009 1:29 p.m.
Hey, "Colonel":

You, and your mexican wife and your Gatewood-look-alike brother (aka 'Douglas') have been fucking with me.

That is a no-no.  And you should know better. 

My D.C. attorneys are in the process of coming after you, and they fully intend to get my share of the inheritance.

You can pay me NOW, or you can pay me later.  But you WILL pay me my share of the inheritance.

SHAME upon you and 'Doug' for stealing from me.  Do you NOT think that I have been collecting and saving documentation from the past?  Really?

Most respectfully,

Dr. Charles R. Treuter

The above email spells another of your major, big-time FAILURES, Charles.
And you and anyone who is reading this blog post can easily guess and know why it does.  You have not received so much as one copper penny from our mother's estate and never, ever, ever, ever will.  

Stayed tuned, readers, more will indeed follow.  And unlike Charles' spewing I can assure you that more means much more and he and a small army and/or a herd of wild horses will not stop it from doing so...COUNT ON IT.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Charles Richard Treuter - Rapist.

True, real men DO NOT rape but then Charles Richard Treuter has never been a real man but he has been a rapist.  

It was the day after Halloween, 1960 and Charles Richard Treuter who was eighteen at the time was asleep within his parents' home at 1020 West 42nd Street in Houston, Texas when I answered the telephone.  A lady was on the other end of the line and I could tell she seemed to be distressed and she was anxiously asking to speak to my mother, Nellie Vernon Treuter.  I called my mom to the phone and she took the phone's receiver from my hand and what followed is chronicled below:
After my mother had hung up the telephone she went into Charles' bedroom and closed the door.  I could tell she was shaken and very upset and I listened in on what was being said inside the room.  She was telling him that a girl, named Penny, had told her parents that Charles had raped her at the drive-in movie they had gone to the night before.  He was adamantly denying it.  My mother was insisting that he tell her the truth and also told him that the young lady and her parents were coming over to our house that evening to talk with her and and Charles' dad.  Additionally, she said that the girl's mom insisted that Penny was claiming that Charles had kept her panties and bra after the rape and she thought he had thrown them out of the car window while he was driving her home.  Charles said that was a lie...but I wondered.  So, while my mom was still arguing with Charles I went outside and opened the driver's side door of Charles' light-blue 1957 Chevrolet Impala which he had recently purchased from our uncle, David Hampton (the car had over 100,000 miles on it and was in need of some serious repair work).  And then I searched it and interestingly I found a pair of white panties and a white bra hidden under the front seat of the car.  I removed them and took them to my room thinking it would keep Charles from getting hold of them and then hiding them somewhere else or throwing them away or somehow destroying them, I didn't want that to happen because I had some inkling of what was to come.

About seven o'clock that evening, after my father, Richard Oscar Treuter, had arrived home from work (he was employed as a telephone cable repairman with Southwestern Bell Telephone Company - he had a perfect attendance record with the company and an award plaque testifying to twenty five years of perfect attendance hung in the living room of our home, each year thereafter an small bar was added to it in recognition of another year of perfect attendance).  He had eaten dinner and had bathed and changed clothes.  Our doorbell rang and my parents went to the door together and there was Penny (she was holding a brown paper Weingarten's Grocery Store bag with something inside it), a tall, thin, very freckled young lady with auburn hair and a distressed look on her face, standing between two adults about whom I correctly presumed were her parents.  My parents invited them inside and offered them seats in the living room but they said they'd rather not sit and immediately asked that Charles be brought into the room.  

My brother Douglas and I had been instructed to go to our bedroom which we shared but when Charles had been called to the living room I sneaked out of my brother's and my bedroom and stood in the hallway of the house and listened in on the rather heated discussion going on in the living room.  Charles was accused of having sexually assaulted Penny and he was adamantly denying the accusation.  A torn cotton dress had been removed from the grocery bag that Penny had been holding and her story unfolded.

Penny stated that she and Charles had gone to see Alfred Hitchcock's new movie, Psycho, which, at the time, had been showing at the Winkler Drive-In Theater (although closed for years it was, at the time, located at 205 Winkler Drive in was about 15 miles southeast of our home and Penny's parents home in the Heights section of Houston).

Penny had stated that during the movie Charles had left her sitting in his vehicle and gone to the snack bar and afterwards came back with popcorn and drinks.  A few minutes later he had slapped her across her face and began pulling on her dress and as they struggled he had torn the dress and had partially removed it from her body.  She said that he had then jerked on her panties until he had removed them and as they continued to struggle he had ripped off her bra.  

When Penny was asked why she had not screamed for help or gotten out of the car or reported the rape to the police she explained that Charles had parked his car on the very last row of the drive-in's parking lot and there were no other cars close to his.  She had also explained that she was stunned and in the shock of what was happening to her she had surrendered for fear of Charles hurting her more or possibly killing her.  She had been terrified.  She hadn't reported the rape to the police because she had been humiliated and shamed and didn't want to talk to the police but had told her parents who both became infuriated and had insisted she report the rape to the police but she had begged them not to do so.  The decision was made to not immediately go to the police but instead to confront Charles and his parents.

As I've stated the "discussion" which was ongoing in the living room amongst the six individuals was heated although there was no screaming but Penny had begun to cry and Charles remained defiant in his denial of her accusations.  I decided that it was time for me to introduce into the discussion what I had found in Charles' car and when I did the atmosphere in the living room had immediately changed.  There was the evidence that Penny had been telling the truth and Charles was busted.  He shut up! and had nothing else to say!  He stood there with guilt written all over his face but he also had a very evil smirk on it, much like the one he was showing when photographed for the picture of him used in Reagan High's yearbook.  Look at and study it.  That's the real Charles Richard Treuter, same today as then.  Scary, isn't it?

    Then (1960)

Now (50 Years Later)

Eventually, Penny and her parents had left our home after an agreement had been reached which had included my parents paying, by check, a tidy sum ($1,000.00 which was real money back then) to Miss Penny, along with giving her cash to purchase a new dress and underwear and, of course, my parents had given the young lady's parents their solemn assurances that Charles would not have any future contact with their daughter.  Our parents also swore that if Charles had any further contact whatsoever with the girl that they would be the first to go to the police and report what he had done.  

Fortunately for all concerned Charles was, by his parents' arrangements, then shipped off to what was then a tiny, insignificant and wannabe college in Kerrville, Texas, Schreiner Institute, however that doesn't keep Charles from claiming that he graduated from SCHREINER UNIVERSITY in 1963 with an "associates degree" in electrical engineering, NOT!.  The institute had been founded more as a military-styled "home" for troubled and in-trouble boys whose parents couldn't any longer handle them but didn't want to send them to a state-run reformatory. At the time Charles attended Schreiner Institute it was an UNACREDITED "school"/"university"  and it's so-called associate "degrees"/"sheepskins" weren't worth much more than the flimsy paper upon which they were printed.  BUT Charles, being who and what he is which is a braggart and pathological liar says on his laughable MySpace Profile - - (see the original/unedited post he made before he began backpedaling on his absurd academic claims as posted at:  SCROLL DOWN TO THE Is DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter A Liar Post of the Blog's section and see how the commissioned investigator ripped apart Charles' fraudulent claims - one particularly interesting claim the investigator debunked was Charles' Greek Fraternity claim/LIE which is rip-roaring laughable.

How sad it was that just four or five months after his eighteenth birthday and graduation from high school, Charles had charted his "life's" course and set out on its pathway as an adult.  How had he begun the journey?  As a rapist, a liar, a perverted deviant!  Sadly and tragically it was the pathway he would travel (and is still traveling) throughout the fifty years which passed after his high-school graduation.

Stay tuned, Reaganites (Reagan High School grads/alumni) and others who have been exposed to or victimized by Charles' rants, raves, empty boasts and lies, threatenings, racism, and other layers of his mental pathologies, I've decided its time to expose the POS s.o.b. for what he is, what he has always been, and what he'll quite likely be until the day he's put down into the ground.  My next post will deal with Charles' failures in life.  Subsequent to that post I'll expose his documented racism and racial hatred, his bitterness, his side-splittingly amusing but ever so SAD absurd boasts, and his thus far wasted existence.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Charles Richard Treuter's Bullshit Claims With Respect To His Life History


By Kenneth W. Treuter

As one of Charles' two brothers I have decided to join others who have truthfully and factually exposed Charles Richard Treuter for who and what he really is.  Simply put, he is a worthless POS who has led a worthless and wasted existence for the past half-century since he graduated from high school.  But because of his feelings of inadequacy and inferiority (both are well justified) he has created a completely false and fraudulent persona for himself in order to attempt to cover up a lifetime of failures, racial hatred, bitterness, lies, absurd boasts and a wasted existence which hardly resembles anything close to a genuine life or having genuinely lived.  HOW SAD and PITIFUL!

                                            Charles Treuter - 50 Years
                                             After Graduation
Alias: DocChuck 
Last Update: 5/16/2010
Located AND Exposed for what a POS he is.
5633 Columbia Road, Apt. 102, Columbia, MD. 21044.
Phone: 410-245-4731
This address may be viewed by logged on RHS Alumni only.
Personal Website
When he isn’t suspended from posting on the site.
Business Website
Photo Website
Try these:
May 19, 1942  The only true information submitted by Charles Richard Treuter.  Useful in researching Charles Richard Treuter's true history, Internet boasts and lies, finances (lack thereof), tax filings, holdings (lack thereof), credit history, criminal convictions, etc.
Elizabeth Ann Treuter (Ph.D., Nursing) - An insane and delusional claim.
Third “wife”, a bedeviled Mormon fanatic who claims she has seen the actual gold tablets found by Joseph Smith and has verified that his translation of them from the very, very ancient Egyptian secret language is correct, and who, career wise, is merely a nurse that works in a Maryland prison and also a nursing home where she changes bed pans and diapers on aged Jewish men and women (even though Charles posts many messages expressing his utter hatred of Jews).  Ph.D., Nursing?  LOL.  Not hardly, nothing more than an RN who is currently under investigation by the Maryland State Board of Nursing Licensing and the AMA for fraudulent claims and advertisements that she is a graduate of John Hopkins University's Medical School and holds an M.D. degree. Update: Elizabeth Ann Treuter is currently unemployed after being terminated from CMS.

Two: Charles Robert Treuter of Troy, New York (born to Charles and his first wife, Barbara Kreig [Treuter] Villarreal [who now happily resides in the Houston/Angleton, Texas area with her great and loving spouse]) and Shannon Treuter (born to Charles and his second wife, Lillie G. Treuter [who now resides in and is living large and well in the Milton, Florida area]), however, neither will have anything to do with Charles and have completely disowned him and stated that they hate his guts….not really too difficult to understand.  They have refused to have any contact with him since the early 1990s.  Wow, disowned by a son and a daughter.  That speaks volumes about Charles as a father and parent.

Retired Professor  That claim is absolute bullshit.  Charles was NEVER a professor of higher education or lower education or anything else.  He has never held a job from which he wasn’t FIRED, including a Walgreen drug store in Oak Forest from which he was fired for theft, S.S.Kresge Co./Kmart Corp. from which he was fired and then prosecuted, from Marshall’s Dept. Store Corp. from which he was fired for sexual harassment of a fellow employee, from an Arkansas State Prison from which he was fired and then prosecuted for terroristic threats, harassment,  stalking and voter fraud.

I am a former professor of Higher Education and an academic at heart. 
What a crock of crap!  A complete and unadulterated LIE.
My Academic Credentials: Assoc., Electrical Engineering - Schreiner University (Bullshit, Charles!  At the time you attended Schreiner it was not a college and not a university but a tiny military-styled institute/school for wayward boys sent there for behavioral problems.  It didn't become a college or a university until many years later and you didn't receive an electrical engineering degree because it wasn't allowed to award degrees, DOLT); B.S. Ed. - Univ. of Houston; M.Ed. - Univ. of Houston; Ed.D. -
Univ. of Houston; Ph.D. (transfer) - Univ. of Texas. 
University of Texas?  Ph.D. (transfer)? ROTFALOL!!!  Pure and unadulterated bullshit, folks.  University of Texas has, in writing, denied the claim.
Visiting Professor: (1)
University of Alaska, (2) College of the Bahamas, (3) Arkansas State University.  Another crock of crap!  A lie birthed in Charles' twisted but vivid imagination. 
I am now retired, but I still advise (gratis) Doctoral students working on their dissertations. 
Crock of crap, number 4!  Enough said.
My wife (a medical professional and corporate executive) and I spend most of our time traveling, investing in real estate, and gourmet cooking. Crock of crap, number 5!  Traveling translates into running from the law and civil lawsuits, bill collectors, and angry individuals who may very well kill either of the two on sight.
I spend my time divided among our small horse ranch in
Arkansas, our home in San Antonio, Texas, fishing camp in New Caney, condo in North Carolina, my wife's clinic in the UK, and with my wife who is presently on temporary assignment in Maryland.
Crock of crap, number 6 and solid evidence that Charles Richard Treuter is delusional and a pathological liar! None of the imagined boasts (holdings) exist in reality.

The above information came from copying and pasting a post Charles made on Houston, Texas' Reagan High School's 1960 Classmates Blog.  I've used it and corrected it with truthful/factual comments added in bold red type to demonstrate how important it has always been to Charles to attempt impressing others through his empty and baseless boasts/boastings.  He is truly to be pitied as an internet troll, a DISINHERITED firstborn son to his now deceased parents, Richard and Nellie Treuter of Houston, Texas, a sociopathic racist and hater, and a pathological liar who no longer has it within himself to tell the truth.

I'll be adding additional pages and information to this Blog.