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Charles Richard Treuter - Rapist.

True, real men DO NOT rape but then Charles Richard Treuter has never been a real man but he has been a rapist.  

It was the day after Halloween, 1960 and Charles Richard Treuter who was eighteen at the time was asleep within his parents' home at 1020 West 42nd Street in Houston, Texas when I answered the telephone.  A lady was on the other end of the line and I could tell she seemed to be distressed and she was anxiously asking to speak to my mother, Nellie Vernon Treuter.  I called my mom to the phone and she took the phone's receiver from my hand and what followed is chronicled below:
After my mother had hung up the telephone she went into Charles' bedroom and closed the door.  I could tell she was shaken and very upset and I listened in on what was being said inside the room.  She was telling him that a girl, named Penny, had told her parents that Charles had raped her at the drive-in movie they had gone to the night before.  He was adamantly denying it.  My mother was insisting that he tell her the truth and also told him that the young lady and her parents were coming over to our house that evening to talk with her and and Charles' dad.  Additionally, she said that the girl's mom insisted that Penny was claiming that Charles had kept her panties and bra after the rape and she thought he had thrown them out of the car window while he was driving her home.  Charles said that was a lie...but I wondered.  So, while my mom was still arguing with Charles I went outside and opened the driver's side door of Charles' light-blue 1957 Chevrolet Impala which he had recently purchased from our uncle, David Hampton (the car had over 100,000 miles on it and was in need of some serious repair work).  And then I searched it and interestingly I found a pair of white panties and a white bra hidden under the front seat of the car.  I removed them and took them to my room thinking it would keep Charles from getting hold of them and then hiding them somewhere else or throwing them away or somehow destroying them, I didn't want that to happen because I had some inkling of what was to come.

About seven o'clock that evening, after my father, Richard Oscar Treuter, had arrived home from work (he was employed as a telephone cable repairman with Southwestern Bell Telephone Company - he had a perfect attendance record with the company and an award plaque testifying to twenty five years of perfect attendance hung in the living room of our home, each year thereafter an small bar was added to it in recognition of another year of perfect attendance).  He had eaten dinner and had bathed and changed clothes.  Our doorbell rang and my parents went to the door together and there was Penny (she was holding a brown paper Weingarten's Grocery Store bag with something inside it), a tall, thin, very freckled young lady with auburn hair and a distressed look on her face, standing between two adults about whom I correctly presumed were her parents.  My parents invited them inside and offered them seats in the living room but they said they'd rather not sit and immediately asked that Charles be brought into the room.  

My brother Douglas and I had been instructed to go to our bedroom which we shared but when Charles had been called to the living room I sneaked out of my brother's and my bedroom and stood in the hallway of the house and listened in on the rather heated discussion going on in the living room.  Charles was accused of having sexually assaulted Penny and he was adamantly denying the accusation.  A torn cotton dress had been removed from the grocery bag that Penny had been holding and her story unfolded.

Penny stated that she and Charles had gone to see Alfred Hitchcock's new movie, Psycho, which, at the time, had been showing at the Winkler Drive-In Theater (although closed for years it was, at the time, located at 205 Winkler Drive in was about 15 miles southeast of our home and Penny's parents home in the Heights section of Houston).

Penny had stated that during the movie Charles had left her sitting in his vehicle and gone to the snack bar and afterwards came back with popcorn and drinks.  A few minutes later he had slapped her across her face and began pulling on her dress and as they struggled he had torn the dress and had partially removed it from her body.  She said that he had then jerked on her panties until he had removed them and as they continued to struggle he had ripped off her bra.  

When Penny was asked why she had not screamed for help or gotten out of the car or reported the rape to the police she explained that Charles had parked his car on the very last row of the drive-in's parking lot and there were no other cars close to his.  She had also explained that she was stunned and in the shock of what was happening to her she had surrendered for fear of Charles hurting her more or possibly killing her.  She had been terrified.  She hadn't reported the rape to the police because she had been humiliated and shamed and didn't want to talk to the police but had told her parents who both became infuriated and had insisted she report the rape to the police but she had begged them not to do so.  The decision was made to not immediately go to the police but instead to confront Charles and his parents.

As I've stated the "discussion" which was ongoing in the living room amongst the six individuals was heated although there was no screaming but Penny had begun to cry and Charles remained defiant in his denial of her accusations.  I decided that it was time for me to introduce into the discussion what I had found in Charles' car and when I did the atmosphere in the living room had immediately changed.  There was the evidence that Penny had been telling the truth and Charles was busted.  He shut up! and had nothing else to say!  He stood there with guilt written all over his face but he also had a very evil smirk on it, much like the one he was showing when photographed for the picture of him used in Reagan High's yearbook.  Look at and study it.  That's the real Charles Richard Treuter, same today as then.  Scary, isn't it?

    Then (1960)

Now (50 Years Later)

Eventually, Penny and her parents had left our home after an agreement had been reached which had included my parents paying, by check, a tidy sum ($1,000.00 which was real money back then) to Miss Penny, along with giving her cash to purchase a new dress and underwear and, of course, my parents had given the young lady's parents their solemn assurances that Charles would not have any future contact with their daughter.  Our parents also swore that if Charles had any further contact whatsoever with the girl that they would be the first to go to the police and report what he had done.  

Fortunately for all concerned Charles was, by his parents' arrangements, then shipped off to what was then a tiny, insignificant and wannabe college in Kerrville, Texas, Schreiner Institute, however that doesn't keep Charles from claiming that he graduated from SCHREINER UNIVERSITY in 1963 with an "associates degree" in electrical engineering, NOT!.  The institute had been founded more as a military-styled "home" for troubled and in-trouble boys whose parents couldn't any longer handle them but didn't want to send them to a state-run reformatory. At the time Charles attended Schreiner Institute it was an UNACREDITED "school"/"university"  and it's so-called associate "degrees"/"sheepskins" weren't worth much more than the flimsy paper upon which they were printed.  BUT Charles, being who and what he is which is a braggart and pathological liar says on his laughable MySpace Profile - - (see the original/unedited post he made before he began backpedaling on his absurd academic claims as posted at:  SCROLL DOWN TO THE Is DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter A Liar Post of the Blog's section and see how the commissioned investigator ripped apart Charles' fraudulent claims - one particularly interesting claim the investigator debunked was Charles' Greek Fraternity claim/LIE which is rip-roaring laughable.

How sad it was that just four or five months after his eighteenth birthday and graduation from high school, Charles had charted his "life's" course and set out on its pathway as an adult.  How had he begun the journey?  As a rapist, a liar, a perverted deviant!  Sadly and tragically it was the pathway he would travel (and is still traveling) throughout the fifty years which passed after his high-school graduation.

Stay tuned, Reaganites (Reagan High School grads/alumni) and others who have been exposed to or victimized by Charles' rants, raves, empty boasts and lies, threatenings, racism, and other layers of his mental pathologies, I've decided its time to expose the POS s.o.b. for what he is, what he has always been, and what he'll quite likely be until the day he's put down into the ground.  My next post will deal with Charles' failures in life.  Subsequent to that post I'll expose his documented racism and racial hatred, his bitterness, his side-splittingly amusing but ever so SAD absurd boasts, and his thus far wasted existence.

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