Friday, December 10, 2010

He Simply Doesn't Have A Clue...

Today, Charles Richard Treuter and his Mormon moonbat "wife" (a bedpan changer to imprisoned felons in Maryland), who seemingly prefer to be known as the DocChucks on the internet, sent the following email out to a whole list of individuals whom they have harassed, stalked, and threatened for years:

Why can't you blue-collar, lower-income, less educated (as in NO formal education), financially unsophisticated dolts understand? 
Date: December 10, 2010

TheDocChucks to their detractors: 
My wife, Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter and I wish you people could understand that the pain of my mother explicitly excluding me from her will -- so totally rejecting and abandoning me -- is excruciating. And she now has no way of knowing how ashamed I feel about her disinheriting me. My two brothers seem to think this outcome is just fine (they inherited everything from our parents combined estates) and it has driven a wedge between them and me. Well, all that and I suppose my threatening them that they had better write me a big check for what should have been my share (they weren’t impressed or intimidated by my threats even though I swore that I’d have the best Washington D.C. trained Jewish “hound” lawyers sue them. And yes, I also threatened that I’d personally kill both them or have them killed. I even told them that criminal charges would be filed against them).  It's not just the money (although the estate was worth far more than I would have ever imagined); it's my own mother making it so clear and emphatic that she did not love me. I cannot truly describe the shame I felt in learning that she had written, "I leave nothing to Charles Richard Treuter or his wife or his children…"
C & E Treuter

Perhaps someone from Charles' Class of 1960 Reagan High School grads can offer Charles and his "wife" some sort of comfort/solace or, better still, slap them up against their fat heads so as to knock some sense into them?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Charles Richard Treuter Calls This Type Of "Existence" LIVING LARGE?

Columbia, Maryland Apartments In Which Charles Richard Treuter Resides

Herewith we have a photograph of the cramped and stacked high substandard apartment units Charlie "no balls" Treuter and his "wife" (the beached-whale-looking Mormon moonbat, bedpan changer to convicted and imprisoned felons in Maryland) call home.  Dump of a residence would be a fair description of the apartments according to the more than 100 complaints I have uncovered from residents and former residents whom, without exception, failed to recognize the apartments in the light in which Charles has cast them (first he referred to them as a gated retirement village of luxury condominiums and stated that he and the whale-looking one had purchased the one in which they reside. However, after being completely humiliated when that lie was debunked he changed his tune so as to describe the units as luxury apartments, the finest Columbia, Maryland has to offer to the city's elites...yeah, right). 

Those residents to whom I have referred who took the time to write complaints about the apartments complained of lousy management, poor follow up on badly needed repairs, piss-poor maintenance and service from the so-called maintenance people, lack of insulation which allow one to hear even the footsteps and whispers of their neighbors who reside above them, noisy neighbors, plumbing leaks, rats and mice and cockroaches in every unit, dirty and worn-out carpeting which management (located in a different state) refuses to replace, being screwed on attempting to collect deposits when moving out of the units, traffic, lousy parking, poor maintenance of parking lots, piss-poor snow removal, and many other various complaints.

It certainly seems pathetic that a 68 year old alumnus who has pretended for years to be well credentialed, independently wealthy, and highly successful would find himself residing in such surroundings; i.e., stuck in a cramped, government-subsidized apartment which he depends upon his wife's income to meet the monthly rental amount and which his own name does not appear on the unit's rental agreement due to his being a convicted felon and the fact that Federal regulatory controls prevent convicted felons from renting at the Soviet-styled apartments which look much like those of the former USSR's government built ghettos.

Although Charles has foolishly and nonsensically boasted about his imagined years since graduating from Reagan High School it's pitiful that his false boasts are contrasted by his brothers who own and reside in fully paid-for homes in choice locations of N.E. Texas.  Further, his two brothers were heirs to the combined Richard O. and Nellie V. Treuter estate (which was quite sizable and very impressive) from which Charles Richard Treuter, his parents' first born, was completely barred when he was de facto DISINHERITED as well as disowned and disavowed.  Although Charles, since being completely disinherited, has now, for well over a year,  pissed and moaned over the fact he was barred from receiving so much as a single penny from his parents' estate  causing his laments to include his threatening all sorts of retaliatory actions it has slowly begun to dawn on him that he can really do nothing more than become resigned to the reality that he can't do a damned thing about any of his misfortune...WHAT A DOLT!