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Charles Richard Treuter's Wife, Elizabeth Ann Treuter, Is Also A Fraud

I do fully understand that most folks know in their own minds what the word imposter means. Nonetheless for the purposes of this post with its goal of exposing  Charles Richard Treuter's wife, Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter, who, either in conjunction with or perhaps solely through her husband (while he [an Internet Troll extraordinaire]  pretends to be writing or speaking as her),  has been fraudulently presented to the world as a "doctor".  To the extent that she either makes the fraudulent claim about herself or allows Charles to make them about her, without her protesting his doing so, the fact is that the claim presents her to others as an imposter.

First of all, I  want to lay out some thoughts about the word impostor/imposter and how and why it applies to Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter.

iim·pos·tor or im·pos·ter  
One who engages in deception under an assumed name or identity.

[French imposteur, from Latin impostorone who assigns a name, from impostus, variant ofimpositus, past participle of impnereto place upon; see impose.]
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

impostor, imposter [ɪmˈpostə]
a person who deceives others, esp by assuming a false identity; charlatan
[from Late Latin: deceiver; see impose]
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

ThesaurusLegend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
impostor - a person who makes deceitful pretenses
beguilercheaterdeceivertricksterslickercheat - someone who leads you to believe something that is not true
name dropper - someone who pretends that famous people are his/her friends

Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2008 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.

impostor noun
 hypocritecharlatan,quacktricksterknave (archaic)phoney or phony (informal)
 She was an imposter who masqueraded as a doctor.
Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

I suggest that throughout your reading of this exposé that you keep several synonyms for the term "imposter" in mind because of the finer nuances they provide with respect to the two impostors that will be exposed for what they are and what they are not as well as who they are.  Additionally, since both of them falsely insist that they are "doctors" and expect others to believe that they are it will be disclosed why the two think that their fraudulently using the title is so important to their standing with Internet Blog readers as well as persons with whom they come into contact offline.

In unmasking Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter for what she is  I recognize that there is likely additional information available with regards to the fraudulent claims about her "academic achievements" and "career".   If and when I receive or learn of additional facts then I will update this posting. 

Photo: Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter, who was born and raised in the San Antonio, Texas area and is now in her fifties has obviously become a quite obese woman (weighing 295 pounds) and who is married to Charles Richard Treuter. 

 Interestingly, Elizabeth refers to herself (as does her husband) as Dr. Elizabeth Ann Treuter

Charles and/or Elizabeth have repeatedly referred to her as a "doctor" and claimed that she practices medicine as a world renowned neurologist who happens to also own several clinics in the UK.  Both boastful LIES have been carefully debunked by a licensed investigator's disclosures at:

Below is the most outlandish claim that Charles and/or Elizabeth have made about her being a medical doctor/physician:

The following was posted by either by Elizabeth or Charles at their hateblog which  they alternately refer to as The Burning Bush and DocChucks Chat.  The post was made on July 23, 2010 2:32 PM and I made a snapshot of it so as to preserve it :

Actually, DocChuck's [Charles Richard Treuter's]wife [Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter]
is a famous Brain Surgeon who graduated fromJohns Hopkins University with honors (the top of her class).

Dr. E. has performed many delicate cranial operations on 
Maryland residents. She in fact, performed an autopsy on Saddam, just hours before his inauspicious burial.

DocChuck, who holds numerous doctoral degrees from Universities such as "University of Houston - Ed.D.; University of Texas - Ph.D.; and Johns Hopkins University - M.D. 

DocChuck and Doctor E. are two of the most respected physicians in America at this time. They also own NUMEROUS clinics in the 
United Kingdom, including IrelandScotland, and Great Britain.

Doctor Elizabeth has been officially recognized by the Queen of England for her work in cranial surgery, skull reconstruction, and neurosurgical procedures.

In reply to the above post, an astute reader of the post submitted the following comment:

Doctoral degree? haha! His wife is the only MD I know who uses RN instead of MD after her name. How modest of her to hide her degree like that!
           July 26, 2010 10:14 AM

Prior to the July, 2010 post, and going back about five years, Charles (posting as DocChuck) state the following to the Internet community at one of the food blog sites from which he and Elizabeth are now barred from posting:

DocChuck December 15, 2006 at 7:00 am

Rant and rave all you like. You are a sick individual and you need serious counseling.
Your attempts to cast aspersion against me (us) invite one LAST response: I am a (University of Texas) Ph.D., and my wife is a (Johns Hopkins) M.D.
Now, those facts will most likely upset you, your lesbian friend, Jac, and many of your BLOG followers.
So be it.
Well, as Charles had often suggested when backed in a corner that his claims could be verified through Google searches ("...check out what I'm saying on Google, if you know how..." was his usual response,) a goodly number of inquiring minds did indeed Google those "facts" (outright lies) and some even contacted the two universities along with the AMA and learned that the lies were indeed lies and that the two "doctors" were two of the worst sort of imposters.

There were several dozen responses to Charles' post and in total they amounted to  advising Charles, Elizabeth, and the Internet Community that their research revealed that contrary Charles' ludicrous and insane claims about Elizabeth's " medical career", Elizabeth has never risen above her being a bedpan changer who worked as a contract laborer in several penal institutions (state prisons) for a company with a rather dubious reputation: Correctional Medical Services.  Evidently, the company has been thrown out of several states because of its alleged shady dealings.

Fairly recent information which has been obtained about Elizabeth indicates that she is now unemployed except for a lowly part-time job within a Fairfax County, Maryland nursing home where her specialty is changing bedpans and diapers for the home's aged residents.

Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter, a doctor?  Hardly!  A neurosurgeon?  NO!  As it turns out, she is barely what one would normally refer to or even think of as an RN.

And most recently, after Charles was BUSTED for lying by claiming to have served in the United States Military (his name has been added to the Hall Of Shame Internet Site Which Specializes in Exposing Military Imposters - see: http://www.pownetwork.org/phonies/phonies1284.htm and http://streetsweeperchronicles.blogspot.com/2011/02/bolo-phony-veteran-doctor-and-convicted.html).
Charles and Elizabeth posted a very modified claim to their previous ones.  The reason is most likely the result of two perceptive readers had confronted him on the website where he now calls himself GOD and posts his insane ramblings while using the name of "GOD" with an avatar showing a drawing of "Jesus" shooting his finger at the world:

You're silly, Nurse E, who happens to write in the identical style of Doc Chuck. What are the odds on that ?

ROFLMAO at a woman who is an RN but tries to get people to believe she is a Doctor- especially when there is public information available that she is not- And laughing my ass off that you wouldn't post any of my other items that exhibited that.

This is all so rich.
Charles responded with:

God said...
Well, GOD may be "silly", but YOU are just plain stupid. YES, she is a Registered Nurse (APN), and has never claimed to be a "medical doctor."

BUT, she has also earned a Ph.D. in Nursing, which makes her a "Doctor", just as her husband is a "Doctor" because he EARNED an Ed.D. at the
University of Houston, and enhanced it (with additional course work) to a Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Texas

Of course, people like you, who apparently never graduated from high school, obviously do NOT understand the world of professionals and of academics.

You are a VERY unfortunate person because your feeble mind cannot grasp the meaning / definition of the word, "Doctor."

Had you graduated from high school, you may have been able to read and comprehend a dictionary.

Then again, perhaps not.

 ARE imposters and both are BUSTED!

Big E- your husband is not a doctor. You are a registered nurse. You are not a world- renowned neurologist. You are not even a world-renowned neurotic.

Say these things daily and feel better about yourself. 

Prepare for your next trip to "Baw Hawbah" on your leased jet where you will then use jetpacks to fly along the New England coast and take photos with an uncanny resemblance to those posted on other websites which you can then sell to the media before you stop at your home in Arizona on your way to Nigeria. Stella will meet you there to pick you up at the airport in her bikini with some frozen grapes and a freezer full of lamb chops and corned beef bought at a discount so that you will have plenty of food.

Then hurry back so that you can cruise through the Straits of Magellan on the "Elizabeth Ann" with all of your new radar equipment. 

Or you can just stay at home and make things up and post them like you usually do. With Mr. Imagination and Mr. Internet, you can go anywhere you like and report on it. Which is what you do best. Enjoy.
MARCH 29, 2011

Obviously that comment hit some sensitive nerve endings and way too close to home for Elizabeth and Charles so they responded to it with:

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

MARCH 30, 2011
Perhaps Charles did have at least one day when he decided that he should post something on the Internet which he knew was both thruthful and factual.  At the Charlie "no balls" webblog one of Charles' posted comments is therein posted:

"But then, on the internet, one can be anything one wants to be."  

Well, it's obvious enough that he certainly thinks so!  However, it would seem that that is hardly the basis or much of a recommendation to employ the services of "Dr." Elizabeth Ann Treuter, LOL.  Likewise, I shouldn't think anyone should be seeking the medical advice of "Dr." Charles Richard Treuter. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

As Low As He Can Go? Only Time Will Tell.

Copied and posted from a licensed private investigator/investigative agency's Blog wherein Charles Richard Treuter is exposed for his LIES about having served in the United States Army.  Now that's really sick and really LOW!  Bottom of the barrel scum is what Charles Richard Treuter has become and is.


Charles Richard Treuter's Stolen Valor Exposed

Charles Richard Treuter (born May 19, 1944) has previously been exposed as:

  • An Internet Troll
  • A Pathological Liar
  • Phony,
  • A Fraud, 
  • A Racist, 
  • An Anti-Semite, 
  • A Fake,
  • A Convicted Felon,
  • A Thief, 
  • A Failure, 
  • A Disinherited First-Born Son, One Who Was Disavowed, Denounced, And Disowned By His Now Deceased Mother, Nellie Vernon Treuter,
  • A Sociopath, Who Suffers From A 50-Year-Old Case Of Untreated Syphilis, 
  • A Delusional Dolt That Is Also A Pathetic Ne'er Do Well Who Was Fired From Every Job He Ever Had (ALL Of Which Were In Retailing And None Of Which Were Ever In Academia As He Has Claimed), 
  • A Man Who Has Been Married Three Times And Divorced By His First Two Wives (He Is Now Married To Elizabeth Ann [Jarvis] Treuter, An Obese Moonbat, Mormon Bedpan Changer Who Pretends She Has Degrees She Does Not Possess, Including A Ph.D. From John Hopkins University - She Was Recently Fired From Correctional Medical Services Where She Was Employed As A Bedpan Changer "Nurse" In A Maryland State Prison),
  • A Former Member Of An Arkansas Branch Of The Ku-Klux-Klan,
  • An Apartment Dweller In A Cramped, Old, Poorly Managed And Poorly Maintained Columbia, Maryland Complex, AND
  • An Admitted Homosexual, Who, For Some Reason, Thought It Important To Post The Fact On A Food Blog Site.

Now, on President's Day, 2011, this paid commissioned licensed private investigator exposes Charles Richard Treuter for being a pathetic and egregious member of the "Hall Of Shame" individuals who have chosen to LIE about having served in the United States Military when in fact they never did, having rose to ranks which they never did, having earned medals of valor they never earned, and proving themselves to be sicko draft dodgers who were too chicken-shit and cowardly to serve their country in times of war. 

Below are two photographs of Charles Richard Treuter, a short, fat, and miserable loser who dared to falsely claim service to the United States through military service when in fact he became a draft dodger in the 1960s after graduating from Houston, Texas' Reagan High School.

Note The Camo Pants He Bought At Wal-Mart And
 Wears As A Member Of The Hall Of Shame For Stolen Valor

Photo Posted At And Borrowed From TheCharlie "no balls" Treuter Blogsite 
Appropriately Captioned

Although Charles Richard Treuter has repeatedly claimed he served four years in the United States Military in his posts on numerous blogs, below is one of those claims which was quickly debunked by a Blogsite owner:

Charles Richard Treuter/DocChuck's posting wherein he attempts to spin his way out of being challenged about his phony and made up past: "Well, Sir, when you are 68 years old, and if you worked for a company for 25 of those years that moved you every year or so to a new 'project', you too would have 'lived' in a LOT of states.     Some may consider that "GOOD", but many folks, perhaps such as youself, may not be able to handle it.     However, in an attempt to satisfy your obvious curiosity, I was born and raised in TEXAS.  After graduation from college, and after spending 4 years in government service, I was recruited by the Kmart Corporation and sent on a mission to establish (open and staff) new stores in all corners of the USA.  After 25 years, I retired, returned to University life, earned an Ed.D. (University of Houston) then a Ph.D. (University of Texas) and then proceeded to teach at universities in Texas, Arkansas, Alaska, and Nassau (Bahamas).     During that time, I met and married a wonderful lady 15 years my junior who is an APN and who holds a Ph.D. in Nursing.  After 'retiring'  6 years ago,  I now follow my wife as her company moves her around the country setting up contracts with various states (Arkansas, New Jersey, Maryland, and now perhaps Arizona) to handle the medical care in the various State's Correctional Facilities (prisons in layman language).

Does that satisfy your curiosity?  You can easily 'Google'  the facts should you need to allay your concerns.  Some people lead VERY BUSY LIVES  .  I happen to be one of those types of people  . My wife and I NEVER let moss grow under our posteriors, so to speak.

And, finally, NO, I have not lived in "all 57 states" as you put it ---- BUT, I am working on it, and will try to keep you informed of my progress.  If you have any further questions, I will attempt to address them. "

Web/Blog Site Owner's Response: Kind of strange that your resume says you did all the Higher Ed back in the 60's and early 70's. That would make you about 100 years old by now... I think your fake life-history is giving you away. You are no longer welcome on this site.   
Hasta La Vista, TROLL. 

Another fraudulent claim made on Charles Richard Treuter's hate blog wherein he stated:

"Yes, Rush Limbaugh, just like Kenneth Wayne Treuter -- BOTH COWARDS -- dodged the Viet Nam draft, while REAL MEN such as myself served bravely to protect their country's interests.  I honorably served in the United States Army for four years and left the service with the rank of Captain.  My other brother, Douglas Vernon Treuter who served in the United States Air Force during the Viet Nam campaign and I both saw combat in Viet Nam; however, I was the one who  was awarded two medals for valor (The Army's Bronze and Silver Stars)."


Charles Richard Treuter's fraudulent claims to service in the United States Military (He claimed his "service" was in the U.S. Army but I checked each branch of the military (including the National Guard/Reserve) so he couldn't come back and, like U.S. Senate Democrat candidate Richard Blumenthal, attempt to wiggle out of his pathetic lie by saying he misspoke) I firstly consulted with a retired FBI agent, Thomas Cottone, who used to who used to investigate military impostors for the agency and learned from him that, according to Cottone, that those who lie about military service do it because “They all want to be recognized. They need that ego boost.”

Cottone, who retired in 2007, said his caseload of military impostors roughly doubled after the Sept. 11 attacks as reverence for military service intensified.  “Some of it is guilt,” he said. “They regretted they didn’t serve in Vietnam. They just felt they missed that opportunity to be a warrior.”

Consulting with Christian Appy, a history professor at the University of Massachusetts who has written extensively on the Vietnam War, told me that many men remain convinced the Vietnam war was unjust and have no regrets about avoiding service.
“But certainly some portion of the Vietnam generation feels they missed out on some primal vital male testing experience,” Appy said. “They feel like they missed out on an adventurous exciting heroic moment that would test them.”
In my commissioned efforts to expose the truth about Charles Richard Treuter's claims to military service, rank, and awards I did what any researcher or investigator is free to do.  I requested, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  I made my requests to The National Personnel Records Center which responds to over 1.4 million requests annually for copies of military personnel.  Using the government provided Standard Form 180 (Rev. 10/10) http://www.archives.gov/research/order/standard-form-180.pdf.
I then waited for the results, exchanged some additional communications with the agency, and then received the documents I had sought.  The result was upon my thorough review of those official government documents it was unequivocally established that any and all claims made by Charles Richard Treuter with respect to serving in the United States Military (and any branch thereof) were completely false and that his claims were/are one and all LIES.  Additionally the government provided documents establish that he was never, ever drafted into military service and never volunteered for military service and never enlisted into military service and never, ever served the United States Of America government/peoples through military service.
Charles Richard Treuter, a known pathological liar, is once again BUSTED!



This is an issue that has been with us always, going all the way back to the Revolution. It was especially prevalent after the Civil War.

The primary reason why it seems to happen so often these days is the fact that we have narrowed the list of whom we will accept in the US Military. At one time almost ANYONE could get in - this was made necessary because of the Draft - and there was absolutely no reason why someone had to have an advanced education in order to qualify for service. In those days, almost ALL jobs found in the service were performed by persons in Uniform, and we actually had an MOS for those who otherwise would not qualify educationally for service [00B00 Duty Soldier]. They would do the various chores that we now give to persons on Medical Hold, or on Casual Status, or they would be the Unit Orderly who would take care of all the little things that often slip through the cracks today, or they would act as Enlisted Aid to Commanders, and would hold rank commensurate with the rank of the Commander they worked for. Now-a-days, we have Enlisted ranks that can no longer be reached without a College Degree, and some even require both a College Degree AND continuing education towards a Graduate Degree. You can't even get in without a High School Diploma.

Another reason - commensurate with the first - is that it has always been true that certain civilian jobs - especially politics - are awarded with preference to those who have military status behind them, especially during a war. Now, with our limited ability to get into the Military, that preference has turned into a "Sword of Damocles", meaning that being able to say "Yes, I served in the Military, and it was during wartime, too"; can add millions of votes to one's election effort.

The irony is that we knowingly have minimized our political pool because of this very issue, on the one hand, and have made that fact totally irrelevant in the larger world, on the other. And yet, we still stigmatize people who run afoul of this ironic fact.

“Man is a clever animal who behaves like an imbecile.”

Albert Schweitzer

And gentlemen [at home] now [in] bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us...
-King Henry the Fifth
From Henry V, Act 4, Scene 3
William Shakespeare, 1599

400 plus years ago, Shakespeare hit it on the head: Anyone who stayed home while there was a war to fight should feel like a wuss. Nobody likes to feel like a wuss.

Not since WWII has out military been on such a patriotic roll. This is enhanced due to the non-existent draft. To use an old adage "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". When you are at the top of the heap everyone who could not obtain that lofty position wants to be, or wishes at least that they were part of the movement.

Patriotism is contagious, and in the past twenty years has been tended and nurtured back into the American way. We all applaud this transition, especially those of us whom returned home after a second place finish, to a second place reception. I don't know about others but I swore that this would not happen to the next generation of US service persons.  Now a US military person can enter any establishment and be greeted with warmth and friendship, even to handshakes and backslaps from those who did not themselves receive it.

Those in the past, who would have torn down the US service personal for the limelight are now forced to lie about their personal happenstance to others looking for that same self gratification that was earned by others which would be stolen by these pretenders.

US service personnel (active or reserve or retired) knows a difference of character forged from the extreme camaraderie demanded by the service to survive. No outsider that has missed that experience can last long without proving to those around they are a pretender. Sometimes its just better to let it pass, other times do require an action. We have all met or seen or heard these pretenders, they are as obvious as the nub just out of boot with 4 rows of campaign ribbons and gold dolphins adorning his chestEveryone wants to be a winner. Some just believe they can be one through words instead of deeds.

I have learned over the years to trust my gut, if someone doesn't seem exactly right, they usually are not. How much I pursue the feeling is normally directly proportionate to the amount of irritation I feel. Ask Democrat John Kerry what being a non-hero did for his career. Throw down that gauntlet and you had better be ready to back your statements up.


Charles Richard Treuter's Egregious LIE:

“…I was too busy earning my United States Army ranking of ‘Captain’. I was too busy being an American…”

Recently an activist/socialistic federal judge, who needs to be impeached, has stated that it's not unlawful for losers like Charles Richard Treuter to LIE about military service and valor and has attempted to overturn federal laws which forbid:

“Claiming to have served in the United States Armed Forces,  a Reserve Component thereof, or the National Guard; or

Claiming he served in the military during a wartime era, whether or not there was a declared war, or makes ANY misrepresentation of actual military service.”

Even if this sociopathic fraud (DocChuck who in actuality is known as Charles Richard Treuter who was born in Houston, Texas on  May 19, 1942 to Richard Oscar and Nellie Vernon Treuter) cannot be criminally prosecuted for what indeed should be a crime (stolen valor) this investigator can certainly expose him for the pathological liar that he is.  How shameful it is that this coward who ducked military service during the Vietnam War to claim that  “earned” or “rose” to the level of “Captain” in the military, especially during a time when the United States Military was involved in war in order to defend the government of South Viet Nam from the communist regime of North Viet Nam -making his fraudulent claim all the more egregious. 

Charles Richard Treuter has crossed the lines of decency, morality, and the rule of law this latest act of self-aggrandizement, i.e., LIE.

Charles may take comfort in the fact that as of August, 2010 -- A federal appeals court ruled earlier this month that the Stolen Valor Act passed by Congress in 2006 which made it illegal to make a false claim about receiving a military honor or decoration or having served in the military when one didn't is unconstitutional.   However, what should concern him is that 65% of Americans STILL favor a law that criminalizes false claims about military service, military honors, and/or military awards and ranks.  Therefore, he still has reason to worry because it just may be that before he dies his false claims to military service and rank will come back to bite him on his obese ass.

It's certainly not difficult to understand why Charles Richard Treuter serves as the Treuter family's/ancestry's poster boy for being the "black sheep" of the family tree.