Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charles' Insane Jealousies

Charles has suffered from being insanely jealous of me, my wife, and my family throughout his adult life.  He is also just as jealous of our younger brother, Douglas Vernon Treuter, and Doug's family.  And Charles' fellow Reagan High School graduates of the school's class of 1960 may wonder why.

The jealousy which daily eats at Charles Richard Treuter started early in his youth.  Both of his brothers were highly successful in their academic and outside interests pursuits.  They each maintained straight A report cards throughout their school years and made doing so appear to be so very easy.  Learning simply became a natural part of their natures whereas Charles had to keep his nose to the grindstone in order to achieve a decent school record.  Sadly his extracurricular activities, unlike his brothers, were seemingly all doomed to fail and it caused him to become abnormally introverted and self-pitying to the extent of it being the basis for both his psychotic behavior and his pathological lying.  For many years Charles has attempted to cover up his failed existence and his never succeeding at anything worthwhile or Godly by spewing side-splittingly laughable boasts and LIES about what he has accomplished (claiming to be a doctoral grad of University of Houston and The University of Texas - any Reaganite can easily verify that he has lied about that fraudulent claim - same holds true for his prison-nurse/bed-pan-changer wife about whom he LIES with regards to her supposedly earning an M.D. [sometimes he changes that to a Ph.D.] degree from John Hopkins University).  His outright LIES are truly amazing and he has been B U S T E D time and time again when he's used them for self-aggrandizing purposes.  WHAT A LOSER!!!

In Charles' teen years he had very, very few friends and those who might be referred to as his friends were also easily spotted as losers.  With respect to hanging with losers Charles continued that pattern throughout all the years which have since passed.

My younger brother and I were well liked and had interesting and exciting social lives outside of school and developed many friendships and have kept them throughout our lifetimes.  Also, we were both industrious and enjoyed incomes which we earned early on in life and thereby developing the discipline to succeed in adulthood where Charles would repeatedly fail and learn to lash out as others as a cover for his impotence in attempting to become successful.  Over the years that has been validated time and time again by his failed marriages, his being fired from every single job he ever had, his never reaching any financial success and then turning to blaming others (including his parents and other relatives - especially his two siblings who left in him the dust as they built successful marriages, relationships with their offspring and their offspring's offspring, strong relationships in their communities, strong friendships, strong families, and a strong and enduring faith in the Eternal and Sovereign Triune GODHEAD).  Charles, on the other hand, allowed his failures to defeat him in all of his pursuits which may have begun as worthwhile but inevitably turned to shit as he would cause them to fail because of his inadequacies and self pity.  As a sad result Charles turned to spewing his internal bitterness and hatred and racism and turned from GOD to a mixture of Paganistic Mormonism  (the religion of his THIRD wife after his second divorce) and atheism.  Ofttimes today his internet trolling includes his posting as GOD which may indeed be one of the most laughable parts of his sad existence.

Those who graduated high school with Charles Richard Treuter have most likely enjoyed successfully living and enjoying their relationships with Christ, their careers, their families, their friends, their associates, and their personal pursuits of happiness and property.  Charles hasn't enjoyed any of those joys of being human.  Instead he has merely existed and has spent his miserable existence in seeking the harm of others instead of  service to GOD, family, industry, country and others.  He has been far too much of a little man to bring much of anything to fruition except his Napoleonic complex, short-man syndrome, and pathetic personal morasses. 

Charles Richard Treuter, in his quickly waning years, has become a nasty puss-filled and festering boil on the arse of humanity because some years ago his deceased parents' estate went entirely to his two brothers and their families after Charles was publicly denounced and disavowed and disowned and disinherited by his aging mother who, unfortunately had detested Charles' hatefulness, his worthlessness, his callousness, his racism, his perversions, and his nearly unspeakable deviances from those things which define a worthwhile and contributing human being.  So, of course, Charles daily laments and bemoans his FAILED existence.  He groans within his untreated syphilis carcass and then spews his venom at as many people and groups as he can in hopes of somehow making himself feel better about himself.  But those who know of him or truly know him see through his bullshit and will be counted amongst those who will likely celebrate his dying and death.  

In the meantime, Charles will continue to rant and rave and huff and puff about his being "robbed" of what he expected to be the first-born son's blessings and share.  His brothers will simply ignore his huffing and puffing and live out their lives in the comfort and security of having built upon solid rock instead of shifting sands.